Happy Valentine!

Happy Saint Valentine's Day to everyone! We know what really matters today; it's not the chocolate, nor the flowers, not even love itself; but this year's original Valentine's Card. Enjoy! ¡Feliz San Valentín a todo el mundo! Porque realmente lo que importa en este día no es el chocolate, ni las flores, ni el amor. … Continue reading Happy Valentine!

2019 Review and 2020 Resolutions!

To be honest, I was not mentally prepared for 2020. December flew by, between commissions for Christmas, the Briarworld special, and the last chapter of the year. I worked without stop during the last days of 2019, so that the New Year took me by surprise. So, I’m going to try to close 2019 to … Continue reading 2019 Review and 2020 Resolutions!

Promotion Commotion

The tamarisk family is composed of between 50 and 60 semi-desert plants and trees. They’re incredibly strong plants: they grow in salty lands as if nothing, they resist heat and sun as Terminator resists bullets (but not the passage of time and a generation of uninteresting sequels), and their roots can go deep, looking for … Continue reading Promotion Commotion

A Bunny Travelling NY City!

It’s a special feeling, filling a sketchbook and until it looks noticeably ‘bigger’ than before. A few years ago, when I travelled to Japan, I was able to complete a Travel Journal for the first time, with a little doodle every day. On other previous trips, I had always started them but never got to … Continue reading A Bunny Travelling NY City!

Back Home!

There were three people waiting for me at the airport, my mom and dad, and Napoleona, because no family reunion is complete without a bunny. I came back home! After almost twenty days outside and going around everywhere, I arrived last week and have not yet had the time to sit down and write a … Continue reading Back Home!

My first Five Problems on my first Animation Project

The first thing I realized when I started working on my animation final was how little prepared I felt for it. The second thing I noticed was that yes, you can keep on drawing up during a panic attack. Multitasking baby! That second one was a joke. I didn’t have panic attacks, even though the … Continue reading My first Five Problems on my first Animation Project

Sleep Food

I would like to imagine that it all started in 1895, in the first screening of the Lumière brothers’ The Arrival of the Train to the Station; in which they say that the spectators got up surprised and ran for their lives. I would like to assume that the amphitheatre was empty, except for a … Continue reading Sleep Food


While I was preparing my portfolio for the NYCC, something funny happened when I found these four comic pages that I completely forgot what I had done. Last year I got into a little fanzine called Chubby Anthology. The proposal was quite open, as long as they were LGTB + stories that celebrated body positivity. … Continue reading Melusina

Bunny goes travelling!

If you are reading this, it’s because I’m dead. No, wait, it’s way too early for that message. Which one it was again? Ah, yes. Aeroplane. Right now I'm either getting on a plane, or sitting thousands of miles above, or getting off a plane, or walking through New York almost as lost as a … Continue reading Bunny goes travelling!

Six Indispensable Elements your Artist’s Resume needs – Part 2

Welcome to the Second Part of this very long article! Now, let’s talk about the elements inside the resume. Bienvenidos a la Segunda Parte de este increiblemente largo artículo! Ahora, empecemos por los elementos dentro del resumen.   Who I am? This is the first thing your employer has to know when it comes to grabbing … Continue reading Six Indispensable Elements your Artist’s Resume needs – Part 2