I got tagged in my DeviantArt account by a friend to make this, and I thought it was an opportunity to share it to you. I hope you like it and that you find it amusing to read.

What I like the most.
My pets; my two cats and my two dogs. You won’t ever find true honesty than in an animal.

Reading; a lot. I’m quite critic on what I get to read, and there are lots of things that I leave unfinished as lots of things that get me catched for long. One of my favorite authors is Terry Pratchett.

Travelling; anywhere. I’m always travelling and I hope to always be.

Bunnies; of course. I had two bunnies with unfortunate ends, and after some time struggling with responsibilities I’m preparing my house for adopting another one. I can’t live without them.

Pirates!; anyone likes pirates, so there isn’t that much to say!

Tea and everything sweet; I think I would drive insane without tea. Its the only thing that truly relieves me.

Macarons; of everything sweet, macarons are the kings for me.

Drawing, Painting and HandLettering; and don’t forget inking. That’s why you are here.

Semiology; which is the scientific study of signs of any kind. Some people find it extremely bored as I find it incredible interesting.

This jacket; just that, my favorite piece of the wardrobe

Comics and manga, Cartoons and anime.

Donate blood; I feel like its important to me because is where I can help. If you want to know a little bit more, look here for information and donate in your local hospital!

Plants; I have the luck of being raised in a big garden, I can’t imagine life without having greens around.

Skulls; I find them fascinating. My parents don’t.

Cooking; my field is, again, sweets. But I make really good dinners too.

What I do dislike

When someone writes my name wrong; Wendy is not a common name here, and some people have never read Peter Pan.

Cages for birds; because its incredible sad to see a bird with wings but locked. If you have locked birds at your house, don’t invite me over.

Heat; I just like the winter better.

Bad written books; I had a discussion many times about this and the taste of people over books. I have read incredible books and incredibly bad books, and when something is bad done its just bad done.

When someone takes me a photo; I’ll never get to look good in one, so I despise cameras.

Sneeze (and Allergies); I sneeze quite a lot everyday. It is annoying. And about allergies, I got a strange intolerance to any earring not made of pure silver.

People who don’t know something and don’t want to learn; I don’t want to sound intolerant (and often I won’t say nothing). But I got to know someone, grown up with kids and a job, who believed that the pyramids were made by aliens. I told him that you can’t justify every ignorance with aliens, and he questioned me ‘Well, then, how were they made?’.

Google it. Pick a book. Because someone from more than 4500 years ago (the age of the Giza Pyramids) is more clever than you.

Scorpions and Tickes; scorpions make me freezee, tickes make me desesperate.

White Flour and sugar; the two big NO in my diet, along with fats. Helped me to lose weight and to realize how bad those are for us.


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