April Calendar

Hello there!

As you know I choosed this year to make a mini challenge of making a month calendar every month. I know its not such a great deal, but this is my forth month and I’m really liking the anthology.


This are the first, second and third calendar of this year! Its quite difficult to make an universal calendar. When I started with January I couldn’t think in anything more than the summer as hot as I was living it. Maybe on the north hemisphere felt a little bit disconnected, so sorry!

Foto 04

Everything is first a traditional painting. I make them all on my moleskine!

My favorite season is autumn and I really wanted to draw something about it, but I wanted to considerate that in another countries spring should be starting soon. The draw got stuck between two seasons. Combination orange – green has to do with it, orange the leaves of the trees here and green the grass there.




Finally, for you to know, the size is 13 cm x 25 cm. It enters on a A4


So, download is pure free! And I would be more than pleased if you download it and print it. I hope you find a place for it on your notebook or fridge door!

Here you have the link to my DA post. You can download the english and spanish version there!

Thanks a lot for reading and passing by!

Until the next time, kissies!