About bunnies

I had this idea since summer. I sketched it and forgot about it all the way along until some weeks ago when I starting detailing it.

I wanted to do what I like to do the best. I like to put inner jokes and an incredible quantity of details, of things that I like, as long as they have some meaning in the image. I wanted to mark a litte perspective where the characters looked really simple while all the background told the story.

I wanted to desing strange details, like the furniture with unmatched drawers (just because I found that funny) or the snails over the glass on the center cupboard. The signs may make no sense, I felt like putting them because I tought of the white bunny and going down to the hole in the earth.

I felt like writing an story.


Creep the Bunny 2 Wendy Muldon

The bunny has no eyes, that is why he collects them. He gets bored from science and medicine books so he plays with voodoo, when he gets bored of it, he goes back to the books again. Plays with life, and he is as good at it as he is good with cards. He has secrets, just behind the lock in one of the little doors.

You may think that things are going really bad for her in the operation bed. But he is trying to save her, while she still has pulse.