Anthology Publications II

Before talking about the second publication last year, I'm going to talk about The Comic Jam and the people I met there. If you look a little lower at the posts of the past year, you will see that there are many entries of the comics that I made for the group. The basic idea … Continue reading Anthology Publications II

Anthology Publications

During 2018 I got published for the first time on paper, in two different anthologies. The first one was a long-term project, on which I worked for almost two months. The second one was a sudden opportunity, and I worked for little more than two weeks. And I will talk more about it next week, … Continue reading Anthology Publications

Portfolio Page Renovation!

What? I have renovated my portfolio page! Now it has a fresher look, and it’s easier to navigate in, plus, I added all the new content! When? Just right now! (Lies, I spend days working on this). Why? Because it was necessary! How? What kind of question is that?   It was time already for … Continue reading Portfolio Page Renovation!

Christmas Madness

Happy Holidays! Happy Newton’s Birthday! Happy ‘There is one week left for the year to end, I haven’t pack my things yet to go and see my family, I don’t know what to cook for New Year’s Eve, and I haven’t read everything in my to-be-read list yet’! Something weird happened to me last week. … Continue reading Christmas Madness

Circular Narrative is Circular.

Between finishing the short comic Derek Kusten and I have been making, and the freaking end of year that puts everyone on edge (oh, man, I haven’t done those Christmas card yet, have I? The To-Do List gets longer); I have honestly forgot about this. This is a little; quite dynamic, comic on Circular Narrative … Continue reading Circular Narrative is Circular.

The Comic Jam, this time with Octopuses!

Okay, I really slept this one. Last week, when Octopus Jones was published I thought that I about making a mini photo post for you to dig in. As you can see, I haven’t figured out the time machine to post back in time (that could actually be incredibly useful, as incredibly paradoxical), so here … Continue reading The Comic Jam, this time with Octopuses!

Exposición de ADA en el Shopping!

Exposition with ADA (Argentinian Artist Asociation, link to the page here), in the Shopping Mall of my city. The exposition is already finished (I'm a little bit late), but I'll leave, down below, some photos for you to see. Exponiendo con ADA (Asociación Argentina de Dibujantes, link a la página acá), en el Shopping. La … Continue reading Exposición de ADA en el Shopping!

Fear the temible Beast!

Is it said that when sailors on board were in open sea for a long time, the sun, the loneliness, and the everyday less quantity of water, could drive them to a delirious state. Then, they started hearing voices. Singing voices. Looking from the rail theoy would see these shines, the scale tails, and those … Continue reading Fear the temible Beast!

I’m a finalist!

I should have done this post just after arriving from Buenos Aires, but I couldn’t find the time. Thing is, I’m a finalist in the Ghost City Comic Contest in the Category for One Page Comic! You can read my comic here, if you want, and I invite you to read the finalist pages of … Continue reading I’m a finalist!

Paths? With Sam Silver

If you remember this blog post, then you already know that I joined The Comic Jam at the beginning of the year. The Comic Jam is a group where writers and artists are paired, working on a theme a week. And this week we have Lost Things, and my second comic in this group! Go … Continue reading Paths? With Sam Silver