To the Moon – Wedding Comic

One of the best works I did last year was, without a doubt, this beautiful comic specially requested by Derrick and Megan Crow.

I met Derrick through The Comic Jam. We made a short comic together called Circular Narrative (which you can see here), and we became friends right away. Derrick Crow writes not only for The Comic Jam but also makes articles for Trash MutantIndie Comix and Bag and Bored. Last year he adapted a fan novel based on the series The 100 into a comic! You can read everything he has written on his DeviantArt, and also follow him on Twitter.

Megan Crow has been his best friend for ten years. She loves cooking, anime, and doing cosplay (Check her Instagram here). She is a kind and amusing person, and we became friends instantly.

On the first of September last year, after having been together for nine years, they got married.

And I was kinda there, in comic format.

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